Read why families and friends in the Houston area call the Briar Club their second home.

"The word Briar, spelled with an a, alluded to the number of brier bushes that were on the property -- particularly behind and around the Clubhouse." - Joe Santamaria, grandson of Fannie Santamaria and Briar Club Member

"We found that we were able to do much of the maintenance and upkeep in and around the Club through member participation. I have in mind particularly our painting the entire inside of The Briar Club, upstairs and downstairs, on one Thanksgiving Day, when Texas and Texas A&M were playing college football at College Station. This was in November 1951, and members had been invited by letter to appear at seven or so on that Thanksgiving morning with a three-inch paintbrush. We arrived them that high-quality paint would be available as well as cold lunch and kegs of beer, with a radio giving us the returns of the football game throughout the Club property. I can't remember the exact number that showed up, but there were far too many, and each person with a three-inch brush could have probably painted his part in a matter of one to two hours." - Gerald E. Veltmann, Briar Club Member

"Bingo was a big anchor-point for the Briar Club. It was called 'Briar', not Bingo. You played 'Briar'. You came for 'Briar Night'. The cards were printed BRIAR across the top. You had to juggle two R's on your card. There was an element of cleverness involved. It was great, great fun." - Peyton Burch, Briar Club Member

 "A special memory is of August 14, 1971. This was the day of our wedding. We had planned a small event. The wedding was held in River Oaks Baptist Church, and I had planned a small reception at the Briar Club, expecting 25-30 people. As the wedding guests arrived at the church, I asked a friend to call the Briar Club to say that the attendance might be more than expected...maybe 30-40 people. In the end, there were 115 guests who lined the street and clamored around our wedding cake. And the Briar Club served everyone so graciously. Weddings are miracles, and so are Briar Club receptions." - Jeannette Clift George, Briar Club Member

"On April 15th every year, we had a four-o'clock deal for dollar drinks -- all drinks for one dollar. All the waiters went around with their pockets out. There was a hearse in the circle drive with a casket hanging out. We were all celebrating tax day. There were hundreds of people here!" - Jay Grubb, former Club President and Member

"It just makes my heart sing to see my friends' kids here, grown now and with their own children. Our kids have such wonderful memories. They'll never let us drop the membership." - Barbara Beich, Briar Club Member